Monday, November 7, 2011

Organizing Your Facebook Feeds: Staying Updated by Things that Truly Matter to You

Photo by  ponsuwan via freedigitalphotos.
Do you have a Facebook account? I do. Do you feel like deleting your account? I do. There are some reasons why I want to delete it. First, I don't see why should I stay updated to the life events of my several hundred Facebook friends. Most of them are after all, not personally close to me. Facebook has been a platform where people share things, be it through statuses or photos, that I don't really care about. Chances are, you also feel the same way with me. Why would it matter to you where your schoolmates work or how much they are earning? Why would you like to read statuses filled with hatred about someone or something, especially if you're never involved into the matter? Why would you also care to read statuses stating what someone eats for dinner or whom someone is with at the moment?

These things also do not matter to me, especially because these friends aren't close to me. Those who are close to me, I need not read from their Facebook wall since they would have already told me personally about their life's events. Sometimes, the feeds I see in my Facebook could make me angry, sad, or depressed. People's lives become an open book because of Facebook - or is it? Well, many people use Facebook to brag about many things - be it the most expensive gadget they've got, or the precious gift an admirer gave them - who knows if those were real or not? But the point is, people want to show what they want to present to people, be it real or not. So, Facebook could indeed become a cyber world of pretense.

Anyway, if you feel the same way too, perhaps you have no choice but to stick with Facebook. After all, it might be the only way you could get in touch with your REAL friends who are too far away for you to communicate with through conventional means. Perhaps Facebook is also your means of livelihood or extra income, where you sell you products or advertise your business. Whatever the reason is, you could still stay connected with Facebook and keep out the things that irritate you.

Create Lists

Make a list to categorize your Facebook friends. You could also set the proper privacy settings for each group. You could put them under family, close friends, schoolmates, colleagues, etc. Each time you accept a friend request, you could quickly categorize him/her by clicking on the drop down list beside their names. To arrange your existing friends according to your list, click on your Profile > Friends. Hover your mouse over the 'Friend' word beside their names, then choose the appropriate list. By creating lists, you'll get to have a more organized feeds each day when you check your Facebook. Just click the list you're interested in found in the left sidebar of your Facebook page. News feeds from the list would then appear, instead of the useless clutter of feeds coming from sources you don't care about.

Get Rid of Friends Who Irritate You

Yes, perhaps the easiest way to get rid of annoyances is to simply delete the friends that posts unwanted stuffs. Collecting hundreds to a thousand of friends is senseless especially if you don't even know these people personally. Just think about it: Would you like all these friends to read your statuses or view your photos? If the answer is no, then delete them right now. If you think that is not feasible, since the person might feel offended had he/she found out you removed them, well, you could just go to their random post from your feeds, click the down arrow that appears at the upper right corner of their post, then choose hide. Click the Hide All from the user, and there! You'll be spared by that person's posts forever!

Interesting Feeds

This is something you could do to put Facebook to good use. Like Pages from your favorite stores, newspaper, restaurants, shows, websites, and many more and put them all under a single list. I've named this list as RSS FEEDS. So when I log on to Facebook when I'm not in any mood to be bugged by my friends' posts, I go straight to this list to check out my favorite stores latest promos, or the latest news from news websites I've subscribed to. This is very handy as the live feeds you get go straight to your page and you'll be the very first person to receive the latest news and trends from your favorite things. These are after all, what matters to you right? Live feeds from things that interest you.