Friday, November 25, 2011

Freebies, Spyware, and EULAlyzer

There are countless of freebies that you could download in the Internet. But there is a downside for that. If you're the type of user who loves to download free games and softwares, chances are, you are risking your computer to spyware.

Photo by Idea go via freedigitalphotos

But what is spyware? According to wisegeek:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Organizing Your Facebook Feeds: Staying Updated by Things that Truly Matter to You

Photo by  ponsuwan via freedigitalphotos.
Do you have a Facebook account? I do. Do you feel like deleting your account? I do. There are some reasons why I want to delete it. First, I don't see why should I stay updated to the life events of my several hundred Facebook friends. Most of them are after all, not personally close to me. Facebook has been a platform where people share things, be it through statuses or photos, that I don't really care about. Chances are, you also feel the same way with me. Why would it matter to you where your schoolmates work or how much they are earning? Why would you like to read statuses filled with hatred about someone or something, especially if you're never involved into the matter? Why would you also care to read statuses stating what someone eats for dinner or whom someone is with at the moment?